Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones
Malachite Tumbled Stones

Malachite Tumbled Stones

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Malachite is as powerful as it is beautiful. This "stone of transformation" has been used throughout time in assisting one change situations and the transfer of sacred knowledge that leads one to spiritual evolution.

A great stone for clarifying emotions and release negative experiences, especially those that cannot be remembered.

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These are natural stones and each stone is unique in shape, size, and colour.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed and Reiki applied before we ship out to you. Crystals are intuitively chosen for you.

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About Malachite


All, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Base/Root, Throat, Crown, and Third-Eye

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Astrological Sign(s)

Capricorn and Scorpio

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Malachite Metaphysical Properties

- A ""stone of transformation""
- Assists in changing situations
- Provides the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution
- Assists in clearing and activating all chakras
- Helpful in stimulating the heart and throat chakras
- Excellent stone for clarifying emotions
- Allows for the recognition and release of negative experiences which one cannot recall
- Used to facilitate insight concerning the cause of any specific condition
- An equalizing and balancing agent
- Can create an unobstructed path to a desired goal
- Provides for an indication of the procedural steps required to attain a chosen end-result
- Helps one to accept responsibility for one's actions and circumstances
- Brings understanding and intuitive answers to the forefront
- Stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning
- Allows for change that facilitates advancement
- Represents fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty in partnerships, and practicality and responsibility in business transactions
- Used as a protective stone by those involved in the field of aviation

Customer Reviews

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Love it!!

Very beautiful small stone the

Very beautiful small stone the colour is stunning

All were just what I

All were just what I would have picked in person. Lovely size and colour

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