How to Adopt Numerology & Number Energy Vibrations into Your Manifestation Practices

How to Adopt Numerology & Number Energy Vibrations into Your Manifestation Practices

You'll notice throughout the site that there are vibration numbers listed with most of the crystals. (We're working on getting this info added to all products.) If you're unfamiliar with numerology or number vibration, I've put together a quick post to give you a basic understanding of numerology and how you can use crystals to manifest/assist in living your life's purpose.

So, what is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers and their relevance to our lives. It can help you understand yourself and how you show up in relationships. It can provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you need to overcome, your talents, inner needs and emotional reactions. Some numerologists even use numbers to determine the best time for major events.

Two main methods are used. The first involves converting letters into numbers. Each letter in your name is associated with a number and these numbers are added together. If the number is over ten, the digits in the number are added together. If the number is over ten, the digits in the number are added together until there is one digit (for example, if the number is 16: 1+6 = 7). Other methods involve using your date of birth and adding its numbers in a variety of ways. There are a number of different calculations that can be made but I won’t be covering them in this post.

There are three main forms of numerology; Pythagorean, Chaldean and Kabbalistic. Pythagorean is the most popular, well-known and is the type I'll be referencing today and that I typically work with. It was developed by Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician of the 6th century BCE.

Numerical Vibrations

Numerologists maintain that every name vibrates and is dynamic in its vitality. Numbers are associated with each letter of the alphabet and each number vibrates to a particular frequency.

If you write out your name and write out the corresponding numbers in the picture below you will get your name expressed as numbers. It's said that you can understand what you'll need to experience in life that are necessary to facilitate the completion of the cycle of successive re-birth by looking at the numbers that are excluded from your name.

It is also said that those numbers which are included in one’s name represent the minerals which will support the actualization of that which is required during this lifetime. So, once you know your numbers you can start to search for the types of crystals that will assist you in manifesting your true purpose.

Since particular vibrations/frequencies attract, enhance, and assist in the actualization of certain experiences, the utilization of members of the mineral kingdom, which vibrate to specialized frequencies, might provide understanding and assist in the completion of the experiences that are needed in order to further your development.

The following list provides a method to examine your name in order to detect the included and missing numbers. Keep in mind that it should be your full name including any middle names.

numerology numbers and letters

So, for example, my name would be:


4 6 5 9 8 3 5 4 6 9 9 9 6 5

My name contains:  3,4,5,6, 8 and 9. I would then look for stones that call to me with those frequencies and that match my desired intention.

Next, I'd look at the numbers that are missing: 1,2 and 7. This can provide me insight on the experiences I may need in this lifetime.

Finally, I would also add up all of the numbers in my name as well. 

4+6+ 5+ 9+ 8 +3+ 5 +4 +6+ 9+ 9+ 9 +6+ 5 = 88

(This is a Master Number. More on that below.)

If we distill that down again, 8+8, we get 16, and then again, 1+6=7. 

So, I would be a 7.

You can look up the numerical vibration for each mineral is listed on the individual product listings and we're working on allowing you to filter by vibration in the near future. :)

Meanings of Individual Numbers

So, now let's look at the meanings of individual numbers and what they represent.

Number 1: The symbol of unity and often symbolizes God or the universe. The main meaning of 1 in numerology is pure energy and beginnings. It represents both physical and mental activity. The number of origin and creation, one shows a capacity and potential to comeback after experiencing drawbacks. 

When appearing in a name or reading, it can mean that you need to learn how to stand alone, be assertive and achieve recognition for your talents. If you are number 1 person, you are most likely a high achiever. 

Number 2: Two represents duality. Nature and the universe, light and darkness, good and evil, day and night, male and female, yin and yang. The Pythagoreans considered it an evil number and is often associated with negatives (ie. being two-faced).

The number 2 represents coming together with one another and working together as a team. As a number two, you may find that you work best as a team. The number two can also represent balance and desire to see both sides of any situation.

Number 3: The number 3 relates to expansiveness and learning through life experiences. It also represents communication, multiplicity and growth.  It contains a beginning, a middle and an end. The number three represents moving forward and overcoming duality. In general, a 3 person is optimistic and fun loving.

Number 4: Four is the number of order. There are four elements; earth, air, fire and water. There are also four season, four points on the compass and even four phases of the moon. The number four symbolizes putting ideas into form and signifies work and productivity. It is the number of system, order and management and of stability and building for the future. Four is the number of progression and growth. 

Number 5: The number 5 symbolizes human life and marriage, as the sum of the female 2 and male 3. It is the symbol for both the five-pointed star or pentagram. Five represents service to others and is about pushing life to its limits. As a five, you need change and variety and are constantly breaking down information and asking questions. At times you may be undependable.

Number 6: The number six is considered the "perfect" number.  Six is the number of beauty and attraction with a taste for luxury. As a six, you need stability and a solid, comfortable home base. You may make a good teacher. Most sixes prefer to be in familiar surroundings and are unlikely to be selfish. You are health-oriented. 

Number 7: Seven. is often considered a lucky number. There are seven days of the week. The phases of the moon last approximately seven days.

Seven is associated with everything new and seeks depth, meaning and spiritual connection. It is viewed as a spiritual number.  Often 7s operate on a different wavelength and be difficult to understand. They prefer to ask rather than answer questions.

Number 8: The number 8 is generally considered to be an auspicious number. In numerology, eight is often an unlucky number. It is a number of either successes or failure and has no middle path. Many 8s are formal and hard-headed, preferring to heal with tangible facts. The number eight represents hard work and lessons learned through experience. It is the number most closely associated with material success.

Number 9: The number 9 represents the Trinity three times over and so it is particularly lucky. As the highest single digit, ninee is considered to be the number of finalization and denoting perfection.

Nine is a number of domination, control, degeneration and destruction. It is attracted to accidents and quarrels and never tires of fighting.  Most 9s are dreamers and at home in the realm of arts or religion. As a nine, you tend to act always for the benefits of others.

Master Numbers

In addition to individual numbers, there are also what's called "Master Numbers". These numbers double the qualities and attributes of all to the numbers from 1 to 9. "Master numbers" also possess distinct properties that I will list below. 

While some Pythagoreans only believe in 11 and 22 as Master Numbers, some also believe in all double numbers so I'm including this information here and you can intuitively decide for yourself what resonates.

Master number 11: The connection between brotherhood and sisterhood is combined to reflect the androgynous and spiritual connection between all which exists, which has ever existed, and which will ever exist. The concept that “I am also a you“ is reflected in the "11" vibration.

Master number 22: Actualization of the God within the soul, recognition that God is in the totality of existence, and the understanding of the guide outside of the self, produce a combined vibration in "realization" of the self, of others, end of the whole. The concept of the parallel dimensions with respect to the four cardinal directions as reflected in the "22" vibration.

Master number 33: Power over the total physical realm is revealed and the application of the same as facilitated. Understanding of the "right time" is expedited and the act of non-action is furthered. Patience is a keyword. The concept of is in actualization and understanding of manifestation is reflected in the "33" vibration.

Master number 44: Metamorphosis and continued change throughout all times is concentrated with determination of both the acceleration and the ease of re-formation of the self. The concepts of impetus and catalytic motion are reflected in the "44" vibration.

Master number 55: The extension of occurrences to facilitate knowledge with ease as advance such that approach to each event-condition/experience is with absolute position and beneficial construction. The concept of approach via strategic techniques is reflected in the "55" vibration.

Master number 66: Arrangement of the divine order of personal life, the sacred order upon, and within, the earth, and the celestial order of the universe, is facilitated. The concepts of organization and systemic resolutions, and the implementation of same, is reflected in the "66" vibration.

Master number 77: Transcendence of the creation of advancement combines the energies of non-restriction with the application of a devoted stamina. The synthesis of the vibratory messages of “22” and our mother earth and father sky brings the correspondence to consummation of all within each dimension. The concept of wholeness in his entirety is reflected in the "77" vibration.

Master number 88: The elevation of the personal and the infinite consciousness is facilitated to encompass the actuality of "knowing" and the receipt of meaningful, revealing, and significant revelations (and implementation of same) with respect to one’s unlimited and unrestricted capabilities. The concepts of sensitivity and compassion, with the experiencing of each moment, is reflected in the "88" vibration.

Master number 99: Revolution and evolution on all levels are expedited and a comprehension of the appropriate pass to completion is imparted. Flexibility in consciousness and in the unification of past, present and future actions gains appreciation. The concept of supple adoption to facilitate the integration of all which has transpired, is transpiring, and will transpire, is reflected in the "99" vibration.

 So, hopefully that gives you enough information to get started on adding numerology to your crystal work or to even provide some reflection points on your life and purpose. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I plan to write more on the subject but in the meantime, get adding. :)

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