Every Day Practices For Better Mental Clarity

Every Day Practices For Better Mental Clarity

Every thing these days seems really fast paced. We all have a lot going on in our day to day lives which makes it super hard to take some time for our selves. But, even simple things like going for a walk, or going for a coffee with a friend or partner can be super fulfilling. This post will expand on how important taking time to your self is, and just listing off different things to try to help you understand yourself, and things going on around you.

Morning Routine: Waking up early and having a morning routine can be a very easy and helpful habit to gain better clarity throughout the day. Waking up early and around the same time daily may be tough to start doing, if you don't do it already. But let me tell you it's worth it. Not only will your internal clock thank you for waking up early, but waking up early will now give you the ability to plan out the day ahead. If you have errands to run our things to do, you will now be able to plan those things ahead of time and not having to rush and stress just to get to places on time, weather that be a family gathering, work, school, etc. I know it seems to good to be true and easy, and that something so simple can make such an impact. But just try it for 2 weeks and see if you notice a change!

Put That Phone Down!: Get off your phone. Get OFF!. I know our phones are addicting, there amazing for killing time, so entertaining, or you may be using it for work. Either way we all need time away from our phones. With everything going on in the world these days are phones are most peoples main source of news. A lot of the time, the news we consume is tragic, occasionally, theres some good news. Reading or watching all these things can cause a lot of sub conscious stress that you may not even realize, you might feel anxious or stressed for no reason, and I bet that it could be from the media you consumed earlier in the day. When you use your phone try to limit the amount of social media you are consuming, maybe send a "hello how are you?" to a close friend or family member, instead of scrolling through instagram, facebook or twitter feeds. Try to find things to do in real life in the moment, instead of going on your phone 15 minutes before leaving to school or work, etc, maybe your sink needs to be cleaned or the garbage needs to go out, try picking up a book or just go outside for some fresh air, those 15 minutes are more valuable than you think. Just try to put that phone down when you catch your self scrolling non stop, think of other ways you can be spending your time in real life doing something semi productive. Yes its okay to go on your phone for some entertainment but remember, doing things in moderation and having balance is key.

Watch What You Eat, And Try To Cook: Eating healthy must be common knowledge for gaining mental clarity at this point in time. A quote that has stuck with me for a while is " Treat your body like a car, if you keep putting bad gas in your car then your car is gonna break down", basically feed your body good foods and your body will thank you and your brain and body will feel great with tons of energy! but if you fill your body with bad processed foods your going to feel heavy, weighed down with little to no energy. The quick stop at McDonalds or Wendys is not worth the small spike of dopamine when it ultimately, negatively effects your physical and mental health. Try to cook! Cooking can be hard, but if you have the tools available then every one can do it! There are plenty of easy and quick healthy meals you can make, if your unsure of a recipe or how to start a quick google search or a cook book can help. If you don't want to commit and buy a book try going to your local public library, no excuses! Try cooking, try to eat healthy, just try! I promise you will feel better :)

Meditation: Meditating is not easy! To get the full positive effects of meditation you must practice and be consistent.  An easy way to get started would be to listen to a guided meditation, you can find them for free on youtube! Now don't just expect all your problems to go away with a quick meditation session, really try and be consistent with it. Travel within and learn about yourself internally. Meditation is a great way to take a step out of the daily grind and just breath, block out thoughts and distractions, take a moment to think about absolutely nothing. Using meditation everyday will lower stress and anxiety and you will be able to increase self realization and much more! Good Luck!    









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