Classes, Workshops and Women's Circles

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Let's Transform Together

At Moonbeam Healing, we're not just about events and workshops; we're about creating transformative experiences that connect, inspire, and heal. Whether you're looking to expand your understanding of holistic health, deepen your spiritual practice, or simply find a community of like-minded individuals, our in-person and virtual offerings provide an array of opportunities for growth and connection.

From enlightening workshops and empowering classes to nurturing women's circles, each gathering is designed to illuminate your path to wellness. Join us at Moonbeam Healing, where every event is a step towards a brighter, more holistic you.

Rise Up Women's Circles

Our women's circle events at Moonbeam Healing are intimate, empowering gatherings designed to foster connection, healing, and growth among women. Drawing inspiration from the timeless tradition of circle gatherings, these sessions create a safe and nurturing space for women to share their stories, support one another, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and communal wisdom. Join us to experience the transformative power of sisterhood, where every voice is heard and every heart is honored.

In-Person Circles

Discover the warmth and wisdom of shared experiences in our in-person circles at Moonbeam Healing. Join a circle and immerse yourself in the healing power of community and connection.

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Virtual Circles

Embark on a journey of connection and growth from the comfort of your home with our virtual circles at Moonbeam Healing. Join a circle and experience the power of sisterhood, no matter where you are.

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Rituals & Workshops

We offer a collection of both in person and virtual events aimed to assist you on your unique journey through life. Attend unlimited rituals and workshops as a White Light Collective member. Become a member today.

A Beginner's Workshop

Crystal Grid Foundations

In Person Virutal
Illuminate Your Intentions

A Workshop on Candle Magic

In Person Virtual
Releasing & Letting Go

A Waning Moon Journaling Ritual

In Person Virtual
Waxing Moon

Manifesting Ritual

In Person Virtual
Celestial Serenity

Weekly Guided Meditation

in person
Full Moon

Gratitude Gathering

in person virtual