What It Means to Manifest and What It Looks Like

What It Means to Manifest and What It Looks Like

This is the second installment in our crystal grids series. You can check out the first post here

Today I want to talk about manifesting and manifestation. You've probably heard it a lot. It's kind of a buzzword now, especially as more people get into crystals and spiritual healing and spiritual manifestation. You can actually see manifestation in almost all forms of religion or spirituality, such as shamanism, witchcraft, religion… It really comes down to ritual.

Rituals come in all shapes and forms. For example, some people light incense on an altar. For myself, I do a morning Chakra cleansing ritual. I also smudge in the morning and will cleanse my energies. I find this sets me up for the day.

Manifesting can look like a few different things. It could be a ritual where you're asking for information, guidance, or clarity. There's also manifesting that can ask for love, whether it's of the romantic kind or just self love. Sometimes people manifest to be able to communicate with others, being able to have the voice that to be able to communicate with people or to open yourself up to be able to communicate to your spirit guides or to the universe and to your higher power in general.

There's also manifesting abundance. Oftentimes people look for abundance in any form, whether it’s for financial wealth, in their career, or in connection with people. When it comes to manifesting, one thing to understand its purpose is to help the universe provide that which is necessary. This is where you really want to live when it comes to manifesting.

Where you don't want to go is attempting to force the universe to provide that which is desired but not needed. 

When it comes to manifesting, it's really about connecting with a need and desire for things. Obviously, you want to have the things that you're manifesting, but there should also be a need. When it comes to manifesting with crystals, it's really taking that energy of the desire, the need, and the intention, and directing that energy through the crystal to bring what's needed to be fulfilled to fulfill one's life purpose.

Working with the crystals is really about facilitating that fulfillment. Sometimes when you try to manifest certain things, you might be asking for something, and that desire doesn't get fulfilled. It's important to reflect and ask yourself, "Is this something that I need? Is this to my higher good? Is it to the highest good of all living creatures in all things?" 

If the answer’s a no, or if you feel in your heart that maybe that isn't necessarily true, then you need to reflect and see if maybe what you're manifesting is not what is really for your highest good. Sometimes I've tried to manifest things where I thought what I was asking for was for my highest good, and then it turned out that the universe had completely different plans for me.

It happens! Instead of your desired outcome, what ends up happening is you get turned in a completely different path. I know for myself, I went through some pretty hard emotional stuff earlier in the year. What I had asked for was clarity. Clarity and I asked for love and health in my relationships. What I thought the path that I was going to go down was completely different than what the universe and what my life path truly was meant to be. Even though I had relationships that no longer served me, the universe provided me clarity. It showed me things that I didn't even know were happening to me behind closed doors. Yes it was hard, and I didn't get what I thought I desired, but I definitely got what I needed.

In reflection sometimes it's one of those things that come with age. When I was younger, when things didn't work out, it used to be so tragic. It felt like I'd never get beyond it. But then as you get older, you start to take things with a grain of salt, so to speak, in the sense that now when I manifest a path, or when I'm working towards a path, I am able to trust a little bit more in the process and trust that the universe really has its best intentions for me. 

It's what I need and what I desire, and for my highest good. 

Sometimes when you manifest you get what you asked for, and sometimes when you manifest the universe has a funny way of showing you that the things that you thought that you desired weren't actually what you needed, and It shows you a different path.

This is one of the things that I love about asking the universe for guidance, clarity, or abundance… it can come in many forms. Forms that I don't necessarily think were going to happen in a specific way. It's kind of one of those things that you just need to roll with it. When I’ve fought the path that I was supposed to take versus the path that my soul was supposed to follow, it always felt like I was swimming upstream.

As soon as I made the decision allowed myself to quiet and connect with Spirit, to connect with the Source and connect with the Universe, that's when I’ve able to hear my intuition and say, "Listen, trust in the process, trust that the universe knows what you need and what you desire may not always be what you need." 

When you do manifest, just keep in mind that you will get everything that you need and that the universe does provide. It might look different than what you expect, but it's always for your highest good.

Hopefully this gives you some perspective and clarity on how you can manifest in your life. Make sure to check out my next post where I dive into what crystal grids are.

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