What Is Universal Energy and How to Connect to Source

What Is Universal Energy and How to Connect to Source

Here is the first installment in our crystal grid series. This is part one of five.

For me, crystals help me connect with Universal Energy–or what’s also referred to as a Higher Power, Spirit Guides, the Source–crystals help when working with manifesting, creating my own existence, my own future, and helping put it all together. When I work with crystals it's really about healing, manifesting, creating abundance, raising my vibrations and just really connecting to Spirit. 

There's a quote that I love and it goes, "There's nothing solid in the universe, everything takes up form by its vibrations." 

I’m working on my second degree Reiki course, and what I loved in my most recent class was that my teacher, Anne Marie, was talking about vibrations and how the average person’s vibrational level that they live at is about 200 cycles. When people meditate, it kind of jumps up to about 400... and when you do energy healing, it can increase all the way up to 900!

Essentially, meditating and energy healing can boost you to a higher vibration.

Crystals help you to 1) raise those vibrations and 2) bring specific elements and types of vibrations and types of energy into your life. In order to be able to do that, you really need to be able to connect to the source and connect to Spirit.

Sometimes I'll call Spirit the Source, sometimes I'll call it my Higher Power, I'll call it the Universe, sometimes I call it a Culmination of Things, Mother Earth, Father Sky, my ancestors, my Spirit Guides, but it's connecting to all that which cannot be seen. When I speak of the Source, what I'm really speaking about is really connecting to that Universal Energy, the Source is all energy.

We are each connected to the Source. There's no distinguished separation between us and the Source. Focusing on creating that connection with the Source is what allows me and others to be able to connect and use that energy to our highest good.

The Source is what gives us life. When you work with crystals and grids, it helps you connect to that Universal Energy, and it helps you to connect to the vibrations and energy within the stones that you're working with. We do have the ability to shape and mold our reality. They always say what you think becomes your reality, and the reason why that is is because those are the vibrations that you send out into the universe. When we connect to Source, there are a lot of things that you can do or that you can manifest.

You can use healing energy from the Source and work with that energy through stones and the crystals. It can also help you open up yourself to be able to understand the lessons and the flaws (and I don't want to say mistakes... but sometimes in life we make choices that maybe weren't for our highest good). It can help you to reflect and receive guidance. By connecting to the Source, it allows you to open your eyes and heart and really connect into that vibrational energy which helps you connect to the Source, the universe, your intuition… it's really everything in ourselves.

When you work at connecting to the Source, you are working at becoming attuned or one with yourself, but also with the source and with the universe. When you become open and attuned and trusting to that Source, and you understand that you are worthy and that the universe does provide everything that you need it to, then that is when you're able to really utilize these skills to your highest good.

I always say to the highest good because sometimes what we want, or sometimes the things that we think we want and need, are not always to our highest good. The one thing to remember is that as you work through and you start manifesting things, sometimes things don't work out exactly as you planned. That's where it's good to be very focused on what you are trying to create or what you're trying to manifest, but it's always for your highest good.

Hopefully this helped set a framework for why it’s important to connect to the Source. The next step would be to carefully select crystals and a crystal grid to help with this connection. Check out my next blog that talks about manifesting and the use of crystals and crystal grids.

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