What Are Crystal Grids?

What Are Crystal Grids?

We're now onto the third installment of our crystal grid series where we're going to look at what are crystal grids. If you haven't see the first two parts, you can check out the first one here.

If you’ve seen one of my videos about crystals, you’ve likely seen me use a crystal grid. Crystal grids are often used to help with manifesting and to do rituals. They’ve actually been around for hundreds of years. Consider Stonehenge. It’s a stone formation. Indigenous medicine circles are also based on stone formations. This is why you’ll typically see a crystal grid with a geometric pattern. It will also often have a main crystal in the center with smaller crystals placed around it. 

For example, when I do a crystal grid where I'm manifesting or I'm setting an intention for myself, I'll put an amethyst in the center because it’s my birthstone. You don’t always need to choose a crystal that aligns with your birthstone. Use crystals that vibrate or that have the energy that you're trying to manifest, depending on what you're trying to achieve or whom you're creating the grid for.

Crystal grids are often used to manifest desired intention. By placing a main crystal in the centre with smaller crystals surrounding it, you set up a physical manifestation of your intention.

A crystal grid can be used to help you open and align your chakras. In the crystal grid shown here, I'm using the Flower of Life geometric crystal grid pattern. There are other different kinds of crystal grids that are similar to the mandala type pattern shown here. Generally, you’ll notice that crystal grids still have a pattern and geometrical shape.

These examples show a Love crystal grid and a Metatron crystal grid. The grids not only come in a variety of patterns and geometric shapes, but they also come in a variety of sizes. Some may even indicate where to place your Chakra stones within the grid. 

Personally, I like to use solid wooden grids (rather than drawing out my grid or placing them on a cloth) because sometimes after setting up my intention and my grid, I want it to live on my altar while it's doing its work. Sometimes I want to move it to another area where it can continue to work its magic. By using a more solid crystal grid, it’s easier to move without having to set it back up again.

An effective crystal grid occurs when you truly understand your desire and the intention that you want to set in it. After that, you're going to use key elements that have the same energy and vibration as that desired intention.

Some people don’t just use crystals when setting up their grids. They might include flowers or different kinds of herbs that they might use to create elixirs afterwards. Essentially, you want to make sure that you're using elements that work with that particular issue or intention that you're trying. 

The third piece to an effective crystal grid is just to have clear focus. When I say “clear focus,” that really means giving yourself time and space to be able to put your intention into your crystal grid. It's not enough just to put some pretty crystals onto a grid.

You really need to go through the ritual of setting your intention and using the energy within the crystals that you're using and within yourself to really set those intentions. Rituals are a means to shift and to alter the state of focus of yourself in order to focus on your intention. 

Ritual doesn’t necessarily mean just what you think of traditional rituals, or if you're thinking of witchcraft where you're doing these spells… it's not necessarily the same thing. Ritual can be anything and can come in many forms. It can be prayer. It can be meditation. It can be focusing in and setting intentions. Crystal grids are used to tap into source energy and to be able to use that energy to achieve your desired outcome.

If it's for your highest good and it works towards your life's purpose or your life's plan, then it'll work. Crystal grids and manifesting in general are about the law of attraction, about bringing things into your life. One thing to think about from a karmic level is that you never want to try to manifest or set intentions that are against someone's will.

You can do a crystal grid and you can try to manifest love in your life, but it wouldn't be wise to try to manifest a particular person to love you because that's going against their will. It's really important to understand the difference between those two. Asking for love and abundance in your life is different than trying to get a desired outcome from a specific person.

If you are love, you attract love. When you think of the law of attraction, what you are, you attract, right? 

If you're wanting to attract love, then you need to be love. You need to be open to love. You need to have an open heart in order to be able to receive love. When you create a grid, you really want to be able to pick the crystals that are going to vibrationally match the intention that you're trying to create.

The last thing I wanted to say about crystal grids is that when you set your intentions, it's really important to say your intentions with a present tense.

For example, if you're trying to manifest abundance… more specifically, if you're trying to manifest wealth: “I have money. I have wealth.”

If you are trying to attract love: “I am love. I am loved.”  Then I’ll receive love from those around me that are of my highest good.

You always want to be able to set your intentions in the present tense, and that's kind of a key part of going through this process. I could talk for days and days about crystal grids and how to use them. Be sure to check out my next blog where I’ll talk about using crystal grids to communicate with and receive guidance from the Source (or Spirit).

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