How to Communicate with Spirit and Receive Guidance

How to Communicate with Spirit and Receive Guidance

We're now onto the fourth installment of our crystal grid series where we're going to look at communicated with spirit and receiving guidance. If you haven't see the first three parts, you can check out the first one here.

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about crystal grids, becoming attuned to the Source, to Universal Energy, and manifesting. Today I want to talk about connecting to Spirit.

Very much like the Source, Spirit is energy. It is the universe. For some it can be a ghost, guides, nature, spirits, gods, fairies… essentially, connecting to Spirit is a ritual that helps you to connect to all types of energy. Once you set an intention or once you've tried manifesting something or asked for guidance or have done any type of ritual, the next thing to do is to start listening to Spirit. You can do this, even if you're really not trying to manifest anything in particular, just in general, being more spiritual and being more attuned to the energy around you is a great practice.

After doing a ritual to manifest a particular future or a particular outcome, then connecting to Spirit is one of the next things that you're going to want to practice and cultivate. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

So how do you connect with Spirit? 

Well, there are some obvious ways that people connect to Spirit. Some see ghosts or maybe they'll see objects moving on their own. Sometimes people will hear weird noises or feel or smell something unusual. But most times, Spirit really connects subtly. When you think of Spirit and all energy, think of it like water and air. Spirit is like air, it can move freely, it's light. But when you look at water, it is thick and very dense. 

When Spirit is trying to communicate with you, when it's trying to provide clarity or guidance, or just really show you a particular path, a Spirit is so light and airy. 

We're here on our human plane where it's much denser in the vibration. Everything is just that much more dense, so when Spirit does communicate with us, it comes through with almost like a whisper because our energy is so dense. It is sometimes very much like a whisper. One way the Spirit might communicate with you is through dreams. That's primarily how I get a lot of my information, is through dreams. Sometimes I'll even have kind of a lucid daydream in the middle of the day.

My old partner always used to know when I was getting envisioned because I'd zone out. It often happened in my kitchen. It’s almost like I’m receiving a download of information… kind of like in the movie The Matrix (ha ha). I sometimes get a vision, almost like a daydream. When I come out of it, I know where I need to go. I have a lot of lucid dreams where Spirit communicates with me in that way. 

All our physical senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling) have an equivalent psychic version, and all of them can be developed. There are six intuitive gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, and clairsentience.

1 - Clairvoyance

This is that feeling of perceiving things or events beyond normal sensory contact. It’s probably the one that people say that they get the most. Most often it’s described as having a vision or interpreting symbols. They can see things, whether it's from the past or in the future. Clairvoyance is one of the most common ways that people say that they connect with Spirit. 

2 - Clairaudience

This refers to the sense of hearing. To some this might be perceiving voices or sounds that are otherwise inaudible. Hearing noises when nobody is around can be startling; however, a clairaudient can hear messages either externally (coming from a source outside your head) or internally (a voice in your head).

3 - Clairsentience 

This is the ability to feel sensations or emotions that provide guidance. Do you find that you’re the go-to person when it comes to gut feeling? Sometimes people with clairsentience can feel other people’s feelings or next moves without having any interaction with them.

4 - Claircognizance

Literally translated means, “clear knowing.” It’s that feeling you get when you just know something without having any idea of how you know it. I do have this sometimes where I haven't necessarily received a vision, but I just have that sense of knowing. I don't know if this is more common for me now because I'm more attuned with Spirit or if it's just something that was given to me as I get a little bit older, but my intuition is definitely stronger than it used to be. 

5 - Clairgustance

If you experience clairgustance, it’s more about the sensation of taste when there is nothing physically in your mouth. Especially if you're doing energy healing with someone, you might get these tastes in your mouth where it doesn't really make sense. Some people experience tasting people’s energies, emotions, or even physical ailments.

6 - Clairsalience

This is clear smelling. It involves smelling a fragrance or odour of a substance, person, place, or animal not in your current surroundings. An example might be when you're doing a reading with someone and all of a sudden you smell cigarettes and you tell them that and all of a sudden the person that you're working with communicating with maybe a spirit guide or someone that was passed on they were a smoker. Loved ones often send us messages through the sense of smell.

One of the things to note if you're working with someone else, and even when you're working with self, never doubt the signs that you're getting. Just roll with it because sometimes they don't make a lot of sense when it's first coming to you, but in hindsight, or as you get through the process, it'll make a lot more sense to you. 

 I'd love to hear which clair resonated with you most. Make sure to check out our next post where I'll go over an abundance grid.

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