Prehnite Tumbled
Prehnite Tumbled
Prehnite Tumbled

Prehnite Tumbled

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These beautiful, natural tumbled stones are a must have in every crystal lovers collection.

Prehnite is a calcium aluminum silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, globular formations, botryoidal, and stalactites.
Prehnite’s color is usually light yellow or green, but can also be seen as white, tan, grey, or colorless.

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About Prehnite


Solar Plexus and Heart

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Prehnite Metaphysical Properties

- Used to facilitate contact with impalpable entities via the visualization process and through meditation
- Can be used to multiply energy and to enhance one's protective fields
- Effective during use as one of the stones in gridding operations
- Use of prehnite in a grid designed to produce calmness
- Brings a structure of coherence to the environment
- Encourages visitation by those of extra-terrestrial origin
- Provides for a structure of protection and strengthens the invitation
- A ""stone for dreaming and remembering""
- Advances states of meditation
- Enhances one's ability for prophecy
- Brings in the aid of the Divine to inspire
- Allows the inner "knowing" to prepare, in advance, for situations of which one has no prior conscious knowledge
- Considered the stone for accurate predictions
- The actual prehnite for the activity of prediction should not be taken lightly; the most accurate predictions are made available when the concerns are for one's personal spiritual growth

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