Black Tourmaline Pendulum

Black Tourmaline Pendulum

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Black Tourmaline pendulum on chain.

Pendulums are used to answer questions about life, love, money, health, relationships and work according to its movement. It's important to ask direct questions that allow. for a 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe' in order to allow a clear answer.

Gemstone pendulums can also be used for:

  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Cleansing Auras and dispelling negativity in the home
  • Grounding
  • Unblocking Qi energy lines

Each pendulum is unique and each stone has a different properties. Choose a gemstone that you feel comfortable with or you are drawn toward.

In feng shui, the pendulum is used as a dowsing tool to find hidden energy sources. These can include such things as underground water streams or rivers as well as energy grids or earth energy lines that run underneath the house or building.

If you've never used a pendulum, practice before attempting a dowsing. Learn how your pendulum communicates a yes, no and a maybe. Your energy works with the crystal and the energy of the Earth. The pendulum will swing in response to the questions you ask. You need to know what a horizontal swing or vertical swing mean as well as a circular, although this response is typically "maybe".

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About Tourmaline



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Numerical Vibration

3 and 4

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Astrological Sign(s)


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Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

- Used to both repel and protect against negativity
- Acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another
- Used as an energy deflector, being an excellent stone for those with potential for exposure to excessive amounts of radiation
- Provides an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity
- Can help maintain one's ""spirits"" even in conditions which appear to emit the messages of ""gloom and doom""
- Awakens altruism and enhances practicality in creativity
- A protective stone against ""spells"" which are cast by the negative side of another
- Used to activate grounding between the first chakra and the center of the Earth
- Enhances well-being on the physical plane
- Protects against those in the spirit world and/or those on the physical plane who are not in the ""light"" and do not understand the love of the universe
- It is a special stone to Native American Indigenous; black tourmaline in quartz is said to not only dispel a ""spell"", but energizes the ""victim"" and actually increases well-being; black tourmaline used with mica, returns the ""spell"" to the originating source and allows one to view the sender of the negative energies

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Janie R.
I really connected with the Black Tourmaline Pendulum

I love the black tourmaline pendulum I just got from Moonbeam Healing, I really connected with it and have used it, all your stuff is high quality and beautiful. I value your store, so many nice things and I love shopping at your store, also the shipping getting here is quick.

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