Tektite Healing Properties

Chakra: All

Vibration: 9

Astrological Sign: Aries, Cancer

Tektite Healing Properties:

Tektite is a form of meteoritic glass from outer space. Many believe that it is a piece of our moon or a piece of the planet Mars. Moldavite is a tektite. The following properties apply to all tektites.

  • Provides encouragement to one to gather knowledge throughout the travels of life
  • Hinders lasting impressions of undesirable experiences
  • Encourages lasting impressions of desirable experiences
  • It does not allow one to forget the lessons learned from any experiences - because of this characteristic, if one is attentive to the inner self, one seldom is placed in circumstances requiring the repeat performance of undesirable lessons
  • Balances the feminine and masculine properties of one's character
  • Stimulates the natural order of growth, development, and completion
  • Esteemed in the Orient as a talisman of great power
  • Polynesian tribal elders believed that tektites would bring wealth and fertility in all endeavors
  • Provides one with information concerning the doctrine of final causes or purposes
  • Allows one to see into the heart of situations and to determine the benefit, or the detriment, to the continued participation in same
  • Acts to promote the inner strength required for continuing or discontinuing of participation
  • Provides for thought transmission within the physical realm and between the physical realm and the location of origination of the stone
  • Carrying a tektite acts to strengthen one's energy field and to provide for increased contact during daily activities
  • Information which is relevant to mundane activities can be transmitted as readily as that which is relevant to spirituality and advancement
  • Using tektite can also draw one to another, or another to one, due to information provided during transmissions, or due to an attraction which is recognized by others who have the same transmission frequencies aligned in the ethereal body