Sunstone Healing Properties

Chakra: All

Vibration: 1

Astrological Sign: Leo, Libra

Sunstone Healing Properties:

  • Used to both clear and energize the chakras
  • Provides a brightening of the chakras
  • Allows one to exhibit a floral freshness and a feeling of being "squeaky" clean
  • Assists in gently removing energy which may have infiltrated the energy centers, returning them to the source after surrounding them with both love and positive energy
  • Used to dissipate fearfulness
  • Used to alleviate stress, and to increase vitality
  • Used to encourage independence and originality
  • Provides "luck" in games
  • Has been used by the Canadian Indigenous, in rituals of the medicine wheel, to show to the spirit guides the connection with the golden white healing light of the sun
  • It was placed in the center of the medicine wheel during ceremonies and has been reported that, during contact with the spirit guides, the stone emitted a golden glow