Moldavite Healing Properties

Chakra: Crown, Third-Eye, Throat, Heart

Vibration: 2,6

Astrological Sign: All, Scorpio Predominate

Moldavite Healing Properties:

In addition to the qualities of TEKTITE, the following properties are applicable:

  • A stone to serve the inhabitants of this planet
  • Stimulates cooperation between those of extra-terrestrial origins and those who are experiencing life on Earth
  • Carries one beyond the mirage of life, to a home from which one has been absent
  • Provides the image of eternity and the vision and energy to translate the image into reality
  • Holds immense potential, for direct interdimensional accessing of higher dimensional galactic energies
  • Draws into the Earth plane those thought-patterns and light-vibrations which are optimal to one's preparation for ascension and illumination
  • Facilitates strong, clear, and direct interdimensional interconnectedness between one's consciousness and the higher planes of light
  • Expands the scope and the magnitude of the vibrational spectrums which one can approach
  • Allows for encompassing a passageway to those spectrums of which one already has access
  • Helps one "see" more clearly and "see" with an expansion of vision
  • Provides the inter-connection with the multi-dimensional horizons not yet experienced
  • Works quite well at the third-eye, the throat chakra, and in the area of the crown chakra
  • When used in the areas of the hands, it has also stimulated the capability to feel the form of the message and sometimes the form of the communicator from whence the message comes
  • Works well with quartz, which adds the factors of amplification, stabilization, and a wide energy range, to the focused and specific access capabilities of moldavite
  • Works extremely well with sugilite, celestite, aquamarine, diamond, lapis, and opal, producing overwhelming combinations of qualities which are quite conducive to healing
  • Experiment with moldavite to realize the potential of the stone within one's inner quiet
  • Do not cleanse with salt. The stone is softer and more fragile in composition (in comparison with quartz)