Banded Amethyst Healing Properties

Chakra: Crown, Third-Eye

Vibration: 3

Astrological Sign: All

Banded Healing Properties:

  • Possesses the energies which allow it to be one of the finest third-eye stones, stimulating vision into unknown realms both within the self and into the exterior worlds
  • Used to facilitate both the perception and the interpretation of the aura
  • Assists in diagnostic techniques and in the furtherance of auric cleansing
  • Emanates a concentrated energy
  • Clears the aura and releases and dissipates negativity
  • Enhancement of the aura has been shown by Kirlian photography. After the utilization of this stone to cleanse ones aura, one can, literally, become absorbed in the light of its radiance
  • .Stimulates the "brighter" aspect of the individual
  • Encourages the emanating warmth and the purity of love within ones being
  • Placement of the Chevron Amethyst on a chakra serves to release the tensions of that chakra
  • An excellent stone for journeying and for inner-self evaluation and evolution
  • Brings one the strength and the loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits
  • It also allows one to re-trace any negative energies which attempt to penetrate ones protective shield, providing information with respect to the reasons for, and the origin of, the negativity
  • Stimulates the understanding of a positive answer to any imaginable problem, assisting one in the selection of the resolution, which would best be suited to ones purpose, and to the doctrine of universal love
  • Assists in bringing forth a perceptible manifestation
  • Has been called the "breath of life", assisting one to actualize that which is required for personal and universal development
  • Allows one to gain knowledge in the arts of spiritual healing
  • Furthers ones acceptance of the unseen forces which are available to complete the actions to facilitate the perfect state
  • Carried upon ones person, it can act to repel negativity