An Introduction to Smudging

An Introduction to Smudging

What is smudging?

Smudging has been used around the world in different religions and practices for centuries. Buddhist temples use incense sticks, Catholic churches use Frankincense and Indigenous people use sage and other herbs before every ceremony to help them to be more focussed and centred for what is to follow. The smoke from a smudge is washed over you or an object in order to cleanse from any energy.

How do I smudge?

You can really use any container to smudge. When smudging, you’ll want to put whatever you’re using to smudge into a container; it can be a shell, clay pot, or another type of non-burnable container. (I love using my Abalone shell.) You’ll want to light the smudge and allow it to burn for a few moments. Once it’s lit, fan out the flames and it should just have the smoke of the smouldering herbs or incense.

You can either use a feather or even your hand to spread the smoke all around yourself first and then over what it is your cleansing. This will help clear the negativity, cleanses and focusses and purifies whatever it is that is being smudged.

When you do quick short movements with a feather it helps to break up blocked or stagnant energy. Long flowing movements smooth out energy and help to create a calm balanced and harmonious energy flow.

To do a blessing of a person, you can begin by looking into their eyes for a moment to greet them. Feather the smoke first at their heart then clockwise around their body head to toe and from front to back for objects, bless them moving clockwise around them as well.

Crystals and other tools for healing can also be cleansed by smudging. When smudging a room, make sure you get the smoke up into the corners and open doors or windows to let energy escape if the area feels heavy or there has been any type of sickness.

Once you get the feeling that the smudging is complete, wait a day or two. If you feel the need to smudge more, perform your ceremony again. You may want to smudge with sweetgrass as well. A general rule of thumb is sage is for clearing and healing and sweet grass is for attracting new energy.

Popular herbs & incense


Sage, which we have available in store, is used to bless cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. It’s used to get rid of the outside world 11 enter ceremony or a sacred space.


Cedar is a medicine of protection often used to cleanse and new home and protect it from unwanted spirits or influences.


Sweetgrass is great for attracting new energy and it has a sweet vanilla like scent that is used to sustain the effects of smudging.


Frankincense is considered to cleanse and protect the soul. It  was also once used to embalm the bodies of Egyptian pharaohs and is also said to ease depression.


Myrrh  is said to clear the path to truth and help maintain a state of enlightenment. It also helps to connect one with the spirit of youth.


Lavender is used for the invitation of spirits and it is also thought to be a safeguard against evil.

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