Picasso Jasper 8mm Bracelet
Picasso Jasper 8mm Bracelet
Picasso Jasper 8mm Bracelet

Picasso Jasper 8mm Bracelet

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Picasso Jasper is a unique and beautiful semi-precious stone characterized by its abstract shapes and swirls of contrasting colors. This 8mm Picasso Jasper bracelet features beads of warm, golden-brown and soft grey hues that swirl together to create a unique and eye-catching piece. Perfect for wearing as a stand-alone piece or stacking with other bracelets, this stylish bracelet is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to invite the healing properties of Picasso Jasper into their life.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed and Reiki applied before we ship out to you. Crystals are intuitively chosen for you.

Sold individually unless stated otherwise.

Creativity: Picasso Jasper is often associated with unlocking and enhancing creativity. It is said to stimulate artistic and creative endeavors, making it a favored stone among artists and creative individuals.

Harmony: It is believed to promote harmony and balance, both within oneself and in relationships with others. It may help in resolving conflicts and achieving a sense of inner peace.

Strength: Picasso Jasper is thought to provide strength and stability during times of change or transformation. It can offer support and encouragement during challenging situations, helping one to adapt and persevere.

Grounding: Like many jaspers, Picasso Jasper is associated with grounding energy. It may help in connecting to the Earth's energies, fostering a sense of stability and security.

Visualization: It is believed to enhance visualization and intuition, making it useful for meditation and spiritual practices. It may aid in gaining insights and understanding deeper truths.

Self-acceptance: Picasso Jasper is often linked to self-acceptance and self-love. It may assist in recognizing one's strengths and weaknesses, promoting self-confidence and self-awareness.

Transformation: Some believe that Picasso Jasper can facilitate personal growth and transformation. It may encourage one to let go of old habits or patterns that no longer serve them, fostering personal development and evolution.

Joy: It is said to bring joy and optimism into one's life, helping to dispel negative emotions and promote a positive outlook.

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