Tree Agate (Dendritic) Healing Properties

Chakra: Base/Root

Vibration: 3

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Tree Agate Healing Properties:

  • Enhances gentleness
  • Encourages one to walk lightly through the gardens of life, taking time to enjoy each moment
  • Helps one to remain as a directed energy during situations of discordance
  • Assists one in maintaining the centering of the self in all situations
  • Used to assist one in connecting to the natural states of the universe
  • Enhances communication between one's intellectual world and the plant kingdom
  • Helps in healing the Earth, stabilizing the center and stimulating a peacefulness within the structure of the inner environment
  • Opens and activates the chakras
  • Maintains the opening to accept and integrate the energy of the higher consciousness
  • A "stone of plenitude", providing abundance and fullness in ones life
  • Used in ancient Greece to produce plentiful crops
  • Conducive to generous yields in both business and agricultural pursuits