Garnet Healing Properties

Chakra: Base/Root, Heart

Vibration: 2

Astrological Sign: Leo,Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Garnet Healing Properties:

  • Garnet is a "stone of health"
  • It extracts negative energy from the chakras, and transmuting the energy to the beneficial state
  • It acts with speed due to the flash of lightning contained within
  • Helps one to change one's world by producing both expansiveness in awareness and manifestation
  • Enhances one's internal fire
  • Brings the creative powers to the stage of implementation
  • Allows one to recognize inherent responsibility with respect to personal freedom and patience
  • Incites personal magnetism and cooperation in instances of change
  • Known as a "stone of commitment" - to purpose, to others, and to oneself
  • The loving powers of garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion
  • Brings the love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding
  • It is quite helpful in moods of abandonment
  • Allows one to realize that surrender to discontinuity brings freshness ones life
  • Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini
  • Stimulates from both the base and crown chakras to provide for free flow of movement
  • Provides for a stable connection between the physical and ethereal nervous systems
  • Energizes the total system to vitality
  • Etherically controls and dispenses the amount of energy that is best for the system
  • Allows one to flow with the energies available
  • Provides a balanced energy field around the physical body and aligns the emotional and intellectual bodies with the perfection of "All That Is"