Smokey Quartz Additional Info

Additional Notes:

  • The presence of sodium in clear quartz is said to produce smokey quartz; hence, smokey quartz can facilitate the regulation of liquids within the body
  • Can also be used to dissipate congestion from the physical organs and glands located in the solar plexus area, and to relieve disorders of the hands and feet
  • The combination of Smokey/Clear Quartz (with a very definite line of separation) has produced a melding of the properties of Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz. The Smokey acts to ground the energies of the Clear Quartz, promoting ease of energy application. This combination, in the faceted configuration, has an enhanced energy
  • There is also a combination of Citrine/Smokey Quartz (sometimes with "clear quartz") with clean definition between the colours. This alliance merges the energy of the minerals to produce a dynamic healing stone. The citrine acts to cleanse the energies of the smoky and "clear" quartz, while the smokey quartz provides grounding for all endeavors. The faceted form provides a distinct and bright energy for application to all aspects, combining the singular energies of the minerals to provide an energy greater than the sum