Citrine Additional Info

Additional Notes:

  • Can aid in digestion
  • Can assist in the treatment of digestive disorders
  • Can promote the circulation of the blood
  • Has been used in the treatment of degenerative disorders
  • Facilitates the diminishment of growths
  • It has been used to increase visual abilities
  • It has been used to balance the thyroid
  • It has been used to activate the thymus gland
  • A formation of Citrine/Smokey Quartz (sometimes with "clear quartz") with clean definition between the colours merges the energy of all three minerals and for a dynamic healing stone. The citrine acts to cleanse the energies of the smokey and "clear" quartz, while the smokey quartz provides grounding for all endeavors.
  • The faceted form provides a distinct and bright energy for application to all aspects, combining the singular energies of the three minerals to provide an energy greater than the sum