Illuminate Your Intentions: A Workshop on Candle Magic (In Person)

Learn the art and science of using candles as a tool for manifestation and releasing.

About this experience

Dive into the enchanting world of Candle Magic with Moonbeam Healing, where you'll learn the art and science of using candles as a tool for manifestation and releasing. This workshop covers everything from the basics of candle magic to the intricacies of anointing and utilizing herbs and oils, empowering you to perform rituals that bring your intentions to life. Each participant will leave with a deeper understanding, a comprehensive workbook, and a candle to begin their practice.

How this event flows:

  • Introduction to Candle Magic: Understanding the foundations and history.
  • Rituals and Intentions: Learning how to set intentions and perform candle magic rituals effectively.
  • Choosing Your Candles: Guidance on selecting candles for different purposes and intentions.
  • Anointing Techniques: Hands-on practice in anointing candles, including an introduction to oils and herbs.
  • Ritual Planning: Participants will work through their workbooks to apply what they've learned.
  • Closing Discussion: Sharing experiences, questions, and insights on how to incorporate candle magic into daily practices.

Your Host

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Hello! I'm Mo :) I am the creator of Moonbeam Healing.
I'm on a lifelong journey of spiritual healing and growth. A forever learner, I'm also a shamanic apprentice, a Level II Reiki practitioner and am a certified Mindfulness Life Coach, Shamanic Life Coach and REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) Mindfulness Coach. I created Moonbeam as a space that fosters and nurtures spiritual connectedness, community and fosters our innate abilities to connect with universal energy.
As a child, I suffered severe trauma over an extended period of time and over the years have healed those traumas and my cPTSD and thrive as an adult, continuously manifesting my ideal life. I want to share my story, journey and wisdom in hopes that I can help even one person do the same.