Weekly Astro Guided Meditation (In Person)

Weekly guided meditations harmonized with the lunar cycle and astrological events.

About this experience

Join us at Moonbeam Healing for our weekly astro guided meditation class that harmonizes with the rhythms of the lunar cycle and astrological events. Each session is a unique journey, designed to align with cosmic energies, focusing on themes such as releasing, manifesting, gratitude, and more, to foster deep inner transformation and peace. This is a perfect class for beginners or anyone interested in experiencing meditations aligned with the cosmos.

How this event flows:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Brief discussion on the week's theme, related to the lunar cycle or current astrological events.
  • Guided Meditation: A themed meditation session to align participants with the week's focus, whether it be releasing, manifesting, or gratitude.
  • Sharing Circle (optional): An opportunity for participants to share their experiences and insights from the meditation in a supportive environment.
  • Closing: A gentle closure to the session, grounding participants and integrating the meditation's energy.

Your Host

Host image

Hello! I'm Mo :) I am the creator of Moonbeam Healing.
I'm on a lifelong journey of spiritual healing and growth. A forever learner, I'm also a shamanic apprentice, a Level II Reiki practitioner and am a certified Mindfulness Life Coach, Shamanic Life Coach and REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) Mindfulness Coach. I created Moonbeam as a space that fosters and nurtures spiritual connectedness, community and fosters our innate abilities to connect with universal energy.
As a child, I suffered severe trauma over an extended period of time and over the years have healed those traumas and my cPTSD and thrive as an adult, continuously manifesting my ideal life. I want to share my story, journey and wisdom in hopes that I can help even one person do the same.