Ruby Kyanite Tumbled
Ruby Kyanite Tumbled
Ruby Kyanite Tumbled
Ruby Kyanite Tumbled
Ruby Kyanite Tumbled

Ruby Kyanite Tumbled

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These are medium sized, tumbled Ruby Kyanite stones. Qualities for these stones include properties from both Kyanite and Ruby. In addition to those qualities, the combination works to meld the energies of the throat, heart and base chakras. This allows for one to "find their voice" and find resolution to issues in a loving manner.

Use this stone for an immediate immediate alignment of the chakras. Great to carry in your pocket or on your person. It also gathers and amplifies positive energies.

The Kyanite in this stone works with the Ruby and stops any negative energies or vibrations to accumulate. The Ruby provides protection and security.

See additional properties below.

These are natural stones and each stone is unique in shape, size, and colour. This is sold by the ounce.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed and Reiki applied before we ship out to you. Crystals are intuitively chosen for you.

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About Ruby Kyanite


Throat, Heart, and Base/Root

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Ruby Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

In addition to the qualities of KYANITE and RUBY:
- Tends to produce a melding of the throat chakra, the heart chakra, and the base chakra
- Allows for the vocalization and resolution of basic difficulties, issues, and obstacles, in a loving manner
- Facilitates immediate alignment of the chakras
- Gathers and amplifies positive energies
- The kyanite portion produces an energy which is beneficial to the ruby, disallowing the accumulation and/or retention of negative energy or vibrations
- The kyanite tends to manifest a sweeping energy motion
- Transforms any negativity which approaches, into a radiant clear and positive energy
- The ruby portion produces an energy which is beneficial to the kyanite, providing one with protection and security
- Assists in astral travel
- Brings strength to the connection between the conscious self and the astral body
- Assists in the conveyance of understanding and control of one's journeys
- Used as an attunement stone
- Brings insights to emotional states
- Initiates the movement of the Kundalini within the users such that the path to movement is traveled by all
- The spark of energy is usually felt in the area where the Kundalini is resting and the progression may be both felt and seen with the third eye
- Provides for an organization of the sacred uniformity of personal life, the blessed order upon, and within, the Earth, and the celestial order of the universe
- Used on the area of the third eye during sleep states, lucid dreaming is enhanced
- Carried or worn, the art of manifestation is amplified
- When used in meditation, the state is entered with ease
- Energy becomes quite balanced and accessible
- Useful when accessing the astral plane
- Useful when connecting with ones guides
- Helps to induce recall of dreams
- Promotes dream-solving, providing for access to solutions during the dream state
- Balances yin-yang energies
- Brings an orderly growth to the intellect, emotions, and physical body
- Dispels energy blockages
- Moves energy from the ethereal plane, in a gentle, yet, forceful way through the physical body

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