Crystal Grids for Abundance (Online)

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Join us for a transformative workshop, "Crystal Grids for Abundance," where you'll learn how to create and activate powerful crystal grids to manifest abundance in all areas of your life. Abundance can include financial prosperity, love, health, and community connections, among other things.

In this workshop, we'll explore the best geometric shapes to use for abundance and the specific crystals that are most effective for this purpose. We'll cover the step-by-step process for setting up and activating an abundance crystal grid, including how to choose the right crystals and where to place them on the grid.

You'll also learn about the best times to set an abundance grid, including specific astrological and lunar phases that can enhance the power of your crystal grid. Plus, we'll explore meditation and visualization techniques to help you connect with the energy of your abundance grid and amplify your manifestation efforts.

Whether you're new to crystal grids or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create a powerful abundance grid and manifest the abundance you desire in your life. Join us and discover the magic of crystal grids for abundance!

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Hello! I'm Mo :) I am the creator of Moonbeam Healing.
I'm on a lifelong journey of spiritual healing and growth. A forever learner, I'm also a shamanic apprentice learning under my dear friend John Wilson. I created Moonbeam as a space that fosters and nurtures spiritual connectedness and metaphysical abilities.
As a child, I suffered severe trauma and over the years have healed those traumas and thrived as an adult, manifesting my ideal life. I want to share my story and journey in hopes that I can help even one person do the same.